In a T-restaurant in Peking (China), Mr. Lens was eating at an immense mirror table with candles hanging above him. It was cozy, romantic, but also streamlined and modern. For another design we already experimented with hanging led-lights suspended from low charged wires.
We marveled at the vision of a completely accidental, out-of-the box combination of a led underneath a burning candle. The effect of the translucent candle-emulsion was also heartwarming. The apparition of a led armature, burning, not at all kitschy, with light shimmering through the material structure is imprinted on our minds. “The led is on fire”, we tried it out.
It's a real candle wax that you slide a LED luminaire. One is led downwards, the other light the candle itself. When the candle has burned out, you can replace them easily. The suspension wires to the low voltage do the LEDs light up.

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